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The ethylene absorbent bag allows to store and increase the shelf life of fruits, vegetables, and fresh plants for a longer time. This bag absorbs ethylene gas, the hormone responsible for the maturation of vegetables.

Description of the ethylene absorbent bag

The ethylene absorbent allows your company to preserve fruits, vegetables, plants and flowers once they have been harvested. By eliminating ethylene from the environment, it slows the ripening and reduces weight loss as well as compounds such as sugars or vitamins, losses that might be derived from storage or transport. Thus, your company ensures that the products maintain the organoleptic properties, ensuring your sales.

These bags are to be applied directly on vegetables or plants, whether they are stored in boxes or in another type of packaging. Simply place the necessary bags, according to the amount of product you want to preserve, in the boxes. The ethylene absorbent material contained in this bag is wrapped with a food quality paper that has been approved to be contact with food by European laws. In addition, this paper has a special quality that makes it resistant to humidity. In order for the ethylene absorber to function at its maximum capacity, the bags unprinted face must be placed in contact with the product to be preserved.

The main advantages of this ethylene air control system are:

  • Absorbs and removes ethylene gas in contact with fresh products
  • Slows down the maturation speed of fruits, vegetables, plants and flowers
  • Increases food safety
  • Odor absorbent
  • Cleans the air from ethylene and from other Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)


The ethylene absorbent bag has the following applications, among others:

  • Food industry (fruits, vegetables and others)
  • Horticulture (plants, flowers and seeds)
  • Containers for transporting fruits and vegetables
  • Transportation of plant or fresh flowers
  • Storage of horticultural products
  • Storage of mixed loads


The main technical specifications of the ethylene absorber are as follows:

  • Food quality paper authorized to be in contact with food
  • Paper with a humidity resistant special quality
  • Safe ethylene absorber
  • Creates a suitable level of CO2 and H2O to slow down the ripening of vegetables

To be able to offer to you the most suitable type of ethylene absorbent, we will need the following information:

  1. Type of product (fruits, vegetables, plants or flowers)
  2. Size of the boxes you use
  3. Weight of the boxes
  4. Type of packaging
  5. Transit time
  6. Type of container or truck (refrigerated or uncooled)
  7. Single reference product shipping or mixed with other products.


Bags of 5 g, 7 g and 10 g are mainly supplied, although customized products can be made. Contact us to advise you on the appropriate amount for each type of shipment.

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