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Polyethylene VCI Film with Air Bubbles is a  film that allows protection against corrosion and at the same time protection against blows by the air bubbles.

Description of VCI film with air bubbles

The VCI Film with Air Bubbles is the sum of a conventional air bubble polyethylene film with a polyethylene film coextruded with VCI. In this way products can be protected both of corrosion, by the corrosion inhibiting additive (VCI), as of impacts and scratches by means of the polyethylene film with bubbles.

In this way you can protect parts from possible impacts during transportation and handling while maintaining protection against corrosion.

It is a recyclable and semitransparent product that facilitates the placement in a correct position of the products that are to be protected.

The 3 layers of stretch film are divided into:

  • Internal layer: guarantees the immediate protection of the items that must be protected.
  • Intermediate layer: acts as a reservoir of PROPATECH VCI molecules for long-term protection. This layer only comes into play when the inner layer is exhausted.
  • External layer: it has the function of barrier of the atmospheric agents and of containment of the protective action. This layer prevents the PROPATECH VCI molecules from dispersing to the outside, ensuring that 100% of the protective efficiency is developed inside the packaging.

The VCI film with air bubbles complies with TRGS 615 regulations.



The main applications of the VCI film with air bubbles are:

  • Automotive
  • Metallurgy
  • Electronics
  • Electrical devices
  • Capital goods
  • Transportation and handling of metal parts



The specifications of the film with VCI bubbles correspond to those of the VCI film. To see the VCI film specification box, click here.



The VCI film with air bubbles can be supplied in coils, bags or sheets of various formats. For any questions and budget request, contact us here.

Polyethylene VCI film with air bubbles
Polyethylene VCI film with air bubbles
Polyethylene VCI film with air bubbles

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