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The VCI Paper is one of the most used anticorrosion products today, because with a low cost you achieve very good results in the antirust protection of metallic elements.

Description of  VCI paper

Anti-corrosion VCI Paper is the most widely used solution for protection of metal elements from the effects of corrosion. Its low cost makes it a product widely used today to protect metallic materials during transport and storage.

The paper is impregnated with VCI and by placing it around the metallic elements these molecules are transferred to the metal, protecting it from the attack of numerous atmospheric pollutants that could produce corrosion.

VCI anticorrosive paper has different applications and is especially suitable as an interposition layer between the different VCI products or for wrapping boxes with VCI paper.

VCI anticorrosive paper has the following properties:

  • Elasticity
  • Extension capacity
  • Capability of creping
  • It favors the propagation of the active substance exclusively inside the packaging, preventing its dispersion to the outside
  • Barrier function against external atmospheric agents

 The PROPATECH VCI PAPER anticorrosive VCI paper complies with TRGS 615 standards and the specifications of the leading manufacturers in the automotive sector.



The main applications of VCI paper are:

  • CKD
  • Automation components (engine block, transmissions, gearboxes, brake discs, etc.)
  • Steel coils
  • Machinery
  • Metal parts of any kind
VCI paper
VCI paper
VCI paper
VCI paper


Weight 50 DIN EN ISO 536 g/m2 52 – 58
70 67 – 73
90 PE 87 – 93
Tensile strength MD 50 DIN EN ISO 1924-2 N/15 mm >40
70 >40
90 PE >40
Tensile strength TD 50 DIN EN ISO 1924-2 N/15 mm >15
70 >15
90 PE >15
Resistance to laceration MD 50 DIN EN ISO 1924-2 Km >4,9/4,6
70 >4,1/3,8
90 PE >3,1/3,0
Resistance to laceration TD 50 DIN EN ISO 1924-2 Km >1,8/1,7
70 >1,5/1,4
90 PE >1,2/1,1
Elongation MD 50 DIN EN ISO 1924-2 % aprox. 1
70 aprox. 1
90 PE aprox. 1
Elongation TD 50 DIN EN ISO 1924-2 % aprox. 2
70 aprox. 2
90 PE aprox. 2



Propatech VCI Paper is available in rolls, special forms or envelopes.

VCI Paper can be supplied in the following ways:

  • PROPATECH VCI PAPER on one side: More common and economical product, which has VCI on one side of the paper.
  • PROPATECH VCI PAPER double sided: Consisting of the same product but impregnated on both sides of the paper. In this way they can be placed as a separative layer of different layers of product for their protection. They can also be used in combination with PROPATECH VCI FILM to improve the life and effectiveness of protection.
  • PROPATECH VCI PAPER double-sided Crepe: It has the same characteristics as the previous product but adds the elasticity and the extension capacity of the crepe. These papers are especially suitable for the packaging of products for heavy industry.
  • PROPATECH VCI PAPER with polyethylene: A polyethylene layer is applied to the paper, thus allowing the role of barrier paper against environmental agents. Likewise, it does not allow the VCI molecules to be dispersed outwards. The protection is doubly guaranteed.
  • PROPATECH VCI PAPER with polyethylene and crepe: This product has the same characteristics as the previous product and is also elastic, allowing the adaptability to any type of shape to be covered. It is a type of material intended for use in heavy industry.

PROPATECH VCI PAPER with polyethylene and attached: In this case can be coupled with the polyethylene layer to other materials such as cloth or plastic nets.

Consult with us the format most appropriate for your needs here.

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