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The discomfort caused by odors can be solved by products that neutralize odors by chemical reaction.

Odor nuisances are often generated by the ammonia and hydrogen sulfide derivatives, such as amines and mercaptans. Concentrations of these compounds are often very low in the air (the ppm: 1/1 000 000 or ppb: 1/1 000 000 000) and therefore below from the detection limits of the equipment from laboratory. Currently, the only way to measure the intensity of odors is olfactometry test by a panel of odor. The results are in accordance with the European standard EN13725 and are expressed in odor units (OU odor unit).
The odor reduction is achieved by a chemical reaction of oxidation-reduction, this being nonlinear and showing a sharp decline in the level of odor neutralization point. The concentrations of the odors are often unknown and dosage in-situ can reach the abatement of odors at levels of more than 65% but not 100% due to the evolution of the reaction redox (this never reaches 100%).

Odour Solutions for Industries

Odour Solutions adapted to all kinds of industries: Petrochemical, Tyres, Sugar, Paper, Agro-industry, etc. Several types of processes for the treatment of ill static external odors using natural air flow, and also facilities performed indoors.
Anti facilities Scents for Industries
Anti facilities Scents for Industries

Urban Waste Treatment and Industrial

Urban Waste Treatment (collection trucks, sorting, landfills). In the case of collection trucks, ventilation equipment which allows the application of active agents through a broadcast network is installed. Industrial waste treatment (incineration and composting).
Urban and Industrial Waste Treatment
Urban and Industrial Waste Treatment

Sanitation (Collective and Non Collective)

Effective treatment of odors generated by wastewater systems, allowing treated air flows directly into the manhole regardless of their depth or configuration. This technology is perfectly suited for the treatment of waste collectors or rainwater, pumping stations, etc.
Collective sanitation


Hotels and restaurants (Kitchen, Air Conditioning, Rooms, Lobby). Health & Medical (hospitals, Entertainment). Car parks (Surface Treatment, Global Treatment, Ventilation).
 Services Anti-odor treatment
Surface anti-corrosion treatment


Rail, road, air and sea. A gel stick located in the ventilation air duct of wagons is sufficient to ensure a permanent neutralization of odors. This bar is placed away from the heat emission points and, thanks to the air flow generated by the ventilation system, neutralization occurs continuously and homogeneously.
Neutralization of odors in public transport
Neutralization of odors in public transport

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