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The high resistance film Propaskin VCI is an innovative, resistant, elastic and anticorrosive film ideal for the packaging of all types of metal products that contain edges that can tear the wrapper.

Description of the high resistance film Propaskin VCI

The elastic high resistance film Propaskin VCI has special resins that give high resistance to puncture and tearing. It is the appropriate solution for packing coils, tubes, sheets of sheet metal and other metallic elements with edges or sharp edges.

Propaskin VCI and its VCI molecules protect the metallic elements from corrosion. It can be applied manually or automatically.

It is a recyclable material with an easy placement. The packaging can be sealed easily and repeatedly.

By having a small thickness and high strength the cost of the product per m2 is economical compared to traditional packings of a larger gauge.

It is remarkable the characteristic of being co-extruded in 3/5 layers that provides them and guarantees, in addition, a greater mechanical resistance. These layers are the following:

  • Inner layer: guarantees immediate protection.
  • Intermediate layers: they act in the long term. They are a tank of VCI molecules. These layers only come into action when there is a degradation of the inner layer.
  • External layer: has the function of barrier of atmospheric agents. This layer prevents VCI molecules from dispersing to the outside, ensuring that 100% of the protective efficiency develops inside the packaging.

Some of the characteristics of the high resistance film Propaskin VCI film are:

  • Ease of use for metal objects packaging
  • Use in rolls and tubes
  • Little permeable
  • Manual or automatic application
  • High resistance to puncture and tearing
  • Low cost and high performance
  • Recyclable
  • Transparency that allows correct positioning of the merchandise
  • Elasticity



The main applications of Propaskin VCI are:

  • Automotive industry
  • Electronic industry
  • Steelworks
  • Metallurgical companies
High resistance Propaskin VCI bag
High resistance film Propaskin VCI
High resistance film Propaskin VCI


Density g / cm³ ISO 1183 0,92 ÷ 0,93
Thickness µm ISO 4593 Nominal ± 10%
Width mm Internal Nominal ± 5%
Length m Internal Nominal ± 5%
Burst load (MD) N / mm² ISO 527-3 ≥ 24
Burst load (TD) N / mm² ISO 527-3 ≥ 23
Elongation at break (MD) % ISO 527-3 ≥ 600 (80 µm)
Elongation at break (TD) % ISO 527-3 ≥ 700 (80 µm)
DART TEST resistance g ASTM D 1709-A ≥ 500 (80 µm)
Elmendorf Test (MD) mN ISO 6383-2 ≥ 8000 (80 µm)
Elmendorf Test (TD) mN ISO 6383-2 ≥ 14000 (80 µm)
Permeability (WVTR) (38ºC – 90% UR) g / (m² x 24h) ASTM F 1249-06 3,80 ± 0,40 (80 µm)
Permeability (WVTR) (23ºC – 85% UR) g / (m² x 24h) DIN 53122-2 1,00 ± 0,10 (80 µm)


The high resistance film Propaskin VCI is supplied in the form of films, bags, bags and covers. For any questions and if interested, contact us here.

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