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Microspheres are additives with multiple applications, allowing final products to improve their properties. Specially used for paints, resins, adhesives, sealants and explosives.


Microspheres are formed from alumina silicate and used as raw material in several manufacturing processes. They can improve the properties of the product in which they are applied. They provide protection against falls, thermal and hearing insulation, rigidity, reduction of density, etc.



Microspheres can be applied in the following materials and situations:

  • Adhesives: Weight reduction. Sound absorber. Fall protection. Properties such as electrical and thermal insulator.
  • Putties: Improved filling and sanding. Thermal insulator. Less weight. Sound dampening. Improved falls. Improved electrical and thermal properties.
  • Cultured marble (synthetic marble): Weight reduction. Improvements in resistance to thermal shock cracking. Installation facilitator.
  • Manufacturing / nautical repairs (fillers): Weight reduction. Improvements in the structure. Increased rigidity, shock absorption and torsion.
  • Coatings: Reduces costs. High load with low viscosity. Flow improvements. Brightness control. Improved hardness and abrasion resistance. It helps prevent UV degradation.
  • Epoxy: Reduces density. Improvements in details. Increased rigidity and surface hardness. Reduces deformation.
  • FRP: Weight reduction. Sound dampening. Falls improvement.  Electrical and thermal properties improvement.
  • Sealants: Weight reduction. Sound dampening. Falls improvement. Improved electrical and thermal properties.


Form Powder
Color White
Bulk density (Lbs/ft3) 9.0
Specific weight 0.25
Average Particle Size (Microns) 40
Collapse Pressure to 10% (psi) 1250
Softening Point (oF) 1800


It comes in bags of 15.42 kg. If you have any questions about the product or want to request a quotation, please contact us here.

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