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Microspheres are additives with multiple applications, allowing final products to improve their properties. Especially used for paints, resins, adhesives, sealants and explosives.

Microspheres description

Microspheres are made from alumina silicate and used as raw material in several manufacturing processes. They can improve the properties of the product in which they are applied and reduce the manufacturing costs of these.

Microspheres provide many advantages such as low cost of products by reducing the use of main materials to the benefit of using microspheres. They also favor a better handling during the production of the materials because they contribute to reducing their viscosity. In addition, the microspheres provide greater resistance to stress, greater strength and consistency and a reduction in weight in the final products. This lower weight due to the microspheres also positively affects a reduction in the cost of transporting the products.

The spherical, hollow and light shape of the microspheres also influences the improvement of their circulation and the reduction of breakage in mixing, pouring and falling of the products. As they are hollow microspheres, they provide, at the same time, a reduction in the density of the products and an ability to act as a thermal and acoustic insulator.


Applications of microspheres

Microspheres can be applied in the following materials and situations:

  • Coatings and paints: Thermal insulating paints. Anti-condensation paints. Emulsifier in paint. Roof and wall coverings. Acrylic sealants.
  • Cultured marbles or synthetic marbles: Mix of calcium carbonate with resins. Weight reduction. Improved thermal cracking. Mortars.
  • Resins and molds: Non-reactive solvent for epoxy resins. Molds and dies.
  • Construction: Sandwich Panels. Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP). Concretes and cements. Refractory materials.
  • Nautical and aeronautical fabrications: Caulking and sealing. Fairing components. Gelcoat for finishes.
  • Explosives: Reduction of density and critical diameter. Increased detonation velocity and pressure.
  • Plasticizers: Tolerance to high temperatures. Improves electrical properties. Powdered polyester laminates. Polypropylene foam.
  • Synthetic woods: Improves finish appearance and resistance. Reduces price and weight per unit volume.
  • Adhesives: Weight reduction. Sound deadening. Protection against falls. Properties as an electrical and thermal insulator.

microsphere aplications






   HGS – 16  HGS – 21  HGS – 24  HGS – 30  HGS – 27
Physical form Powder Powder Powder Powder Powder
Color White White White White White
Density (lbs/ft3) 8,5 7,0 4,5 10,0 10,0
Effective Specific Gravity (g/cm3) 0,25 0,21 0,12 0,30 1,50
Average particle size (µm) 40 65 150 30 20
Presssure for 10% collapse (psi) 700 785 310 700 450
Punto de reblandecimiento (ºF) 1800 1800 1800 1800 2300
Pounds per bag 15,42 12,70 8,20 19,10 18,15



It comes in bags of different weight depending on the type of microsphere. If you have any questions about the product or want to request a quotation, please contact us here.

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