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The High Resistance Film is a coextruded film with a high performance in mechanical strength and puncture, suitable for storing and transport.


The High Resistance Film is a high quality film, with exceptional technical characteristics: high resistance to abrasion and puncture. STIROFILM is made by a coextrusion process using various layers mixing different resins. It is ideal for covering boxes, packages or large cages that must be protected from handling, transport and storage. Its large frictional resistance makes it a good solution for keeping products in the store and for continuous handling.

It is also a waterproof film, protecting the product of environmental factors and ultraviolet rays, even after various manipulations and occasional friction.

Finally another product feature is the subtlety, giving ease and speed during the placement of goods.


STIROFILM is ideal for collecting pallets to ensure the protection of products. Widely used at present by the automobile industry for transport and storage of parts. It provides an excellent barrier to humidity and it’s a waterproof material. Therefore it is a suitable material for outdoor storages. It can also be used as flame retardant in special treatments.

STIROFILM high strength film for the packing of goods
STIROFILM high strength film for the packing of goods


Recyclable material and easy to use as a stapler can be quickly set to boxes or wooden pallets. Another option is a solder with a polyethylene clip.

Density g / cm³ ASTM D1505 0.931 (0.929 ÷ 0.933)
Thickness µm ISO 4593 Nominal ± 5%
Width mm Internal Nominal ± 5%
Lenght m Internal Nominal ± 5%
Breaking load (MD) N / mm² ASTM D882 33
Breaking load (TD) N / mm² ASTM D882 30
Elongation at fracture (MD) % ASTM D882 500 (215 µm)
Elongation at fracture (TD) % ASTM D882 600 (215 µm)
Resistance to DART TEST g ASTM D 1709-A 160 ± 10% (33 µm)
Ignition temperature ºC / >350


It can be supplied in rolls with a maximum height of 8 m and it is also available in sheets. Do not hesitate contacting us in case you need more information or a budget for purchase.

High resistance film
High resistance film

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