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Shocklog 248: the data logger that measures temperature, humidity and impact data.

Shocklog 248: the data logger that measures temperature, humidity and impact data.

The Shocklog 248 data logger controls where products have been improperly handled during transport or storage, issuing periodic reports with the impact profile of the route.

The Shocklog 248 is the intermediate model of the ShockLog impact recorder series that includes ShockLog 208 and ShockLog 298 impact recorders. Available in 10G, 30G, and 100G impact scale ranges, the ShockLog 248 monitors impacts and internal temperature, it provides the peak value (in the period) and issues periodic reports with the impact profile of the route. The ShockLog 248 will record the detailed impact curve of up to 15 events (the first and the 14 most severe). Up to 128 event notifications are kept in the general event history. Set the alarm criteria so you know when unacceptable conditions were found

It issues a visual warning that your product was subjected to an impact with the potential to affect its performance or safety, thus enabling immediate inspection and correction of the problem before delivery to the customer; at the moment when the material is received or before the installation in the field.

Customers use the ShockLog 248 impact recorder to:

  • Alert recipients and operators to inspect products and equipment, looking for possible damage
  • Determine what shapes a damage
  • Detecting incorrect handling during transport, operation or storage, allowing assignment of responsibilities and taking corrective measures
  • Make the necessary adjustments in the packaging of products, loading processes, transport and modes of transport
  • Assistant in the identification of improvement opportunities, through the profile of the journey

This device has two options for data transfer: USB interface or iButton. The iButtons allow a simple control for the configuration, download, start and stop of ShockLog. Using an iButton it is possible to download a general report while the unit remains secure and inviolable. Have full control of programming and full access to data through the USB port.

The advantages of the software are:

  • Simple Windows-based program
  • Clear instructions for quick implementation and easy data analysis.
  • An overview of the entire route with the peak acceleration values for the three axes, reported by period
  • Exports data to programs such as Excel to enable more detailed analysis

The features of the Shocklog 248 recorder are:

  • Record the maximum peaks X, Y and Z and the internal temperature
  • Registers up to 15 impact events
  • Triaxial piezoelectric accelerometer technology, proven in the field
  • Shows the direction of impact -X, Y and Z
  • Levels of alarms defined by the user
  • Levels of programmable alerts to maximize battery life
  • LED lights for visual notifications of alarms and alerts
  • Autonomous unit, without cables or wires
  • Data transfer via iButton or USB
  • IP67 classification and protection against RF interference
  • Temperature / humidity sensor integrated in the unit (optional)


The main applications of the Shocklog 248 device:

  • Automotive parts: electric motors, pumps, windshields, combustion engines, gearboxes
  • Transportation: train wagons, barges, cranes and truck fleets
  • Energy: oil and gas drilling equipment, energy transformers, nuclear materials, solar panels and wind turbines
  • Defense and aviation: lasers, missiles, ammunition, gyroscopes, aircraft engines, rocket launchers and satellites
  • Medicine and research: laboratory equipment, particle acceleration systems, magnetic resonance machines, dentist chairs



Operating Temperature Range

-40ºF to 185ºF

-40ºC to 85ºC


3,3in x 3,3in x 2,2in

84mm x 84mm x 55mm


1,1lbs (without battery)

455g (without battery)

Battery 1 x Lithium Thionyl Chloride with 3,6V
1 x Alkaline size AA with 1,5V
Battery lifetime Up to 12 months with Lithium
Acceleration Range 10G, 30G, 100G
Cut-off Frequency Options 40Hz, 90Hz and 250Hz
Event Duration Up to 262,000
Timeslot Interval 10 seconds to 1 hour


Humidity Measuring Range 0-100% HR

-40ºF to 185ºF

-40ºC to 85ºC

Dew Point Measuring Range

-40ºF to 185ºF

-40ºC to 85ºC

0-100% HR


The Shocklog 248 data loggers are supplied by units. Contact us if you are interested in purchasing this data logger.

Shocklog 248

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